GOAT Cosmetics Inc. is a New York City based cosmetics company. Launched in 2017 by Latina Founder/CEO Carolyn .

Carolyn said " According to my mom I discovered my love for makeup as early as 2-3 years old when I'd sneak into my aunt's room and play (destroy) all her makeup. As I got older (4-5 yrs) I'd also take my mom's mini Avon samples and play with them under the dining room table."

Previously being a freelance makeup artist as well as an influencer for over the past decade. Carolyn grew tired of a lot of the gaps in the beauty community after attending a beauty event as an influencer in 2015.

" I've always loved makeup anyone who knows me personally knows this. But once I became a teen the dream really started to set in that I wanted to somehow work in that field. I would daydream about what collections I would put out and I even drew out what I wanted my packaging to look like back then. I might still have that yellow note pad somewhere in a box in my closet.  After having experienced being part of birthdays, weddings etc while it was an amazing experience I realized I wanted more.


Here at GOAT Cosmetics, our #1 priority is amazing quality that won't break the bank. While still having top notch customer service. We don't believe in cutting corners. All of our products are Vegan! And most importantly CRUELTY FREE! We love animals and would never harm them.