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GOAT Essentials Brush Set

This exclusive “Essentials Set” is a must-have for every beauty enthusiast and makeup artist! Blends like a Pro ! Our brushes are very user friendly but will give you Pro-like results. 

Essentials Brush Set Includes

GC01 - Large Powder Brush (Synthetic) 

GC02 - Bronzer Brush (Natural)

GC03 - Deluxe Foundation Brush (Synthetic) 

GC04 - Angled Blush Brush (Synthetic) 

GC05 - Perfect Contour Brush (Natural)

GC06 - Multifunction Brush (Natural)

GC07 - Under-Eye Powder Brush (Synthetic) 

GC08 - Perfect For Creams Brush (Synthetic) 

GC09 - Perfect Highlight Brush (Natural)

GC10 - Snatched Contour Brush (Synthetic) 

GC30 - Dome Blender Brush (Natural)

GC31 - Fluffy Blender Brush (Natural)

GC32 - Transition Blender Brush (Natural)

GC33 - Universal Blender Brush (Natural)

GC34 - Carve Your Crease Brush (Natural)

GC35 - Upper Crease Brush (Natural)

GC36 - Eye Buffer Brush (Natural)

GC37 - Buffer Blender Brush (Natural)

GC38 - Perfect Pencil Brush (Natural)

GC39 - Inner Corner Highlight Brush (Synthetic) 

GC40 - Precise Blender Brush (Natural)

GC41 - All Over Lid Brush (Blend of Natural & Synthetic) 

GC42 - Brow Bone Highlight Brush (Natural)

GC43 - Eyeliner Smudge Brush (Synthetic) 

GC44 - Fine Liner Brush (Natural) 

GC45 - Doubled-ended Brow Brush (Synthetic)

*Essentials Travel Case 

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