Nicole Lomastro

Is a self taught mua who loves everything beauty and is all about self expression! Makeup is her art and her goal is to share what she  loves to do with the world and to teach. "My social media focus is on self love, self expression and helping all women and young girls find different outlets and ways to make them feel more confident!" - Nicole 



Aurenaz is a self taught makeup artist and videographer from Los Angeles. He enjoys creating artistic looks/videos and thinking outside of the glittering box. “My goal is to inspire young men and woman to embrace their individuality and make their dreams into a reality. My work is for all my Baby Artist” -Aurenaz the Aquarius


Is a self taught MUE from New Orleans Louisiana. She is a stay at home mom of 2. "My hopes is to make my mark on the beauty industry. I love to be bold and stand out. I love helping and encouraging other upcoming artist by teaching them what I’ve learned. I want to become the next beauty influencer." - Troychelle


Nick is a self made MUA from St.Louis,MO. He enjoys doing creative looks, live tutorials, and networking. His goal is to continue to inspire others and make it big in the beauty industry.



Is a 27 yr old Jersey self taught MUA. Full time mommy and RN with a passion for all things beauty. "Greatest aspiration is to make change and continue to save lives. "- Taina




Beauty  Enthusiast, Self Taught and never afraid to experience new ideas, Loves being creative and unique. Loves cooking and being Optimistic, not  afraid of failing as knowledge feeds her to strive harder, outspoken, honest and realistic but what's most important to her  is being a strong foundation to her 5 children.