GOAT Classic Soft Sponge

$4 $12

Our latex-free Classic Soft Sponge is ideal for delicate areas of the face, spot concealing and more! The plush texture offers an ultra-soft bounce against skin, perfect for under the eyes, around the nose or over sensitive imperfections.

This multitasking sponge features our stunning logo etched directly onto the back for a lavish look. Our innovative, unique foam features less pores, leading to a more flawless coverage and less wasted product.


Try using our Classic Soft Sponge as a second step! Going over already applied cream and liquid products with a clean, damp sponge easily distributes any extra product that may be laying on top of the skin. Simply press in a gentle rolling motion to diffuse, blend and melt products into place.

• Minimal absorption

• Latex-free, silicone-free

• Eco-friendly, non-toxic

• Vegan, cruelty-free

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