Welcome Creative Director Andrew Urena

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Welcome Creative Director Andrew Urena

After joining the GOAT Squad PR team less than a year ago, Andrew showed such drive and dedication to GOAT his creativity is unmatched! There is no one more deserving of this position. We made the decision in 21 he was THE ONE! But, in 2019 we will go all force. Stay tuned! 

Andrew will wear a few hats here at GOAT Cosmetics. He will be managing our Youtube, Photoshoots, Product shots and PR  amongst other things. Andrew has been a HUGE asset to GOAT even just as a GOAT Squad member. Please help us congratulate Andrew on this Major Achievement. 

Andrew we love and appreciate you and all your hard work. 


Thank you for loving GOAT and believing in us when no one else would. 


GOAT Cosmetics

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