14 Day Slimming Detox Tea

14 Day Slimming Detox Tea

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Start your day with our delicious Slimming Detox Tea it's a great replacement to a morning cup of coffee, giving you sustainable energy throughout the day with no crash! 

The ingredients in our 14 Day Detox  have been Known to:

  • Burn Calories 

  • Boost Metabolislim 

  • Decreased Cravings

  • Weight Loss 

Great way to give up coffee, our Tea will  provide natural energy throughout the day without creating a dependency.




lotus leaf,

cassia seed,

oolong tea

100% Natural. No chemicals or preservatives. 



- Place 1 tea bag into a cup of water and steep for 3-5 mintues, remove teabag and enjoy (hot or cold) 

- Add honey or lemon for extra taste 

-Not suitable for children or pregnant women 

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